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Step 1 - Choose your values

Your values might not be the same as everyone else’s, and that's great! Maybe you care more about protecting the environment, or maybe you are a human rights activist. Choose to use our combined Arbor Index Score or personalize your experience and choose your own values.

Step 2 - View products you’re interested In

It's so easy! Head to your favourite stores website to shop and browse as you normally would. Whenever you are looking at purchasing from a business that does not align with your values, or we find products that better align with your values, we will search for a deal to save you money!

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30% off 100 points Shows deal at more sustainable company 81/100
40% off 80 points Shows deal at more sustainable company 84/100
33% off 120 points Shows deal at more sustainable company 78/100
50% off 70 points Shows deal at more sustainable company 90/100

Step 3 - Find deals at more ethical companies

Arbor provides a list of ethical companies with a higher score than the company you are currently shopping at. Whenever Arbor finds a coupon that is in line with your values, Arbor will show you the deal to help you save money. By providing you with options that better align your purchases and values, together, we will create a better world.

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Don’t worry about choosing between money and your values again!

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