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What is Arbor?

Is that company you just bought shoes from paying a fair wage to its workers? Is your new shirt made from a company who is exploiting child labour? Is your new water bottle using ethically sourced materials? Is your food consumption contributing to iceberg depletion?
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Your money, your values, aligned

Arbor empowers you to make informed decisions about where and how you spend your hard-earned money. By choosing the values that are most important to you, such as the environment, human rights, diversity, or many others, Arbor gives you information about how well each company aligns with your values. Every decision you make affects these global issues, there's no small change.

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The Arbor Index has you covered

So how do you make an impact on these global issues? The first step is taking a look at the companies you are supporting. To encourage sustainability, Arbor provides information on companies in four different categories: environment, social, governance, and locality. By choosing which global issues are most important to you, Arbor gives you scores tailored to your values. This personalized score is called the Arbor Index!


Labour rights, diversity, and equal opportunity should be at the forefront of the minds of every company. How companies treat their employees is the first step. A company’s governance encompasses their leadership, taxes, internal politics, executive salaries, board diversity, and so much more.

Social Responsibility

Companies need to be aware of the social impact they have on the world around them. It's not just the employees that are affected by the corporation, but the companies they outsource to, and the communities that surround their operations.


We don't have much time until the damages to our earth are irreversible. The environment is a global issue and everyone around the world needs to do their part. Arbor gives you insights into how your purchases are affecting our planet to help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Locality & Size

Supporting local business supports local growth and supports the local economy. It’s that simple. Become a champion for your local businesses today!

Be a part of something

Discover your impact. There are so many opportunities for you to support a better world. By aligning your values with your purchases, Arbor helps you promote sustainability and create a positive social impact on our world. Sign up today to join the Arbor network and be one of the first to try the browser extension!

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